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Zero Downtime Leads to Continued Confidence for Booth Nineteen

Recent Citizen photo printer converts, Booth Nineteen, shared their thoughts on the range and customer service that the company had experienced, back in November 2018. Since then we've seen the passing of traditionally busy  Christmas period taking us into a brand new year.


We caught up with Managing Director, Craig Cheber, who had been making strides push the business through considerable restructuring to ensure better workflow and customer experience. The company had switched printer suppliers, adopting Citizen products in order to deliver these fundamental aspects and to improve their overall business.

Speaking about business (so far) in 2019, Craig said: "As a boutique premium brand, it is important for us to make sure what we do it executed perfectly. As a result, our focus has shifted from scaling as rapidly as we'd originally intended, leaning more towards ensuring each event is delivered in a faultless manner. This, in turn, strengthens the Booth Nineteen brand. Citizen Printers have played a crucial role in developing our ability to faultless delivery during events."


With so much preparation required to promote business in any forthcoming season, Craig explained how preparations had been going for the 2019 summer season. He explained: "Bookings have been steady since the start of the year with April seeing a real increase on the previous year. The number of events taking place getting busier and busier with a packed diary leading into the summer season. We are fully booked now for 7 key weekends over the period and expect to fill the majority of what is left in the coming weeks. Springtime is a time for topping up prop boxes, refilling the media stocks and polishing our beautiful wooden Vintage Photo Booths ready to be taken all across the south of England and Wales by our Dapper Photo Booth Attendants!"


"To date, we have only experienced one solitary printer issue. This turned out to be due to user error!"

On the subject of planning and checklists, we discussed the general preparations undertaken by Booth Nineteen and how rigid these strategies are within their ordinary procedures. Craig told us: "As a small business still in its early years, we are lucky to make it through any single season without something changing and this makes for a very fluid working environment. It's also exciting, though, and it means that we have no red tape or restrictions on what we can do. If something doesn't work, we will just switch it, and if something can be better, we will just do it! Take myself, for example, I'd originally been hired to work as the company's marketing assistant. Now, I run the entire operation of the business simply because I had made such positive changes. I could compare this to buying a Citizen watch or printer, you just know it works and will continue to work with no issue. The logical point is to then remain utilising the most cost-effective and reliable brands!"


Speaking about Booth Nineteen's primary targets for the rest of 2019, Craig said: "Our main focus for the rest of this year is to continue to not only deliver amazing vintage photo booth experiences but also to refine delivery to provide the most unique and classy photo booth experiences available in the country. We're also planning to increase our SEO in-house, so we're hopeful to see lots more quality content on the way."

When we last spoke with Craig, he had explained that Booth Nineteen had made the move to Citizen's photo printers due to their reliability of the machines and quality of output. With this in mind, we had just one more question to ask Craig...

Have your Citizen printers lived up to expectation so far?

Craig replied: "To date, we have only experienced one solitary printer issue. This turned out to be due to user error!"

Head to Booth Nineteen's website for more.