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Disinfectant-Ready Printers Recommended Care Instructions


CITIZEN recognizes that in healthcare, retail, restaurant and hospitality, cleanliness and sanitation are very critical dynamics in providing best-in-class customer service and safety.  Disinfecting products and solutions have become more readily available and can be used to promote a cleaner environment for customers and employees who must come in contact with products.  

CITIZEN Disinfectant-Ready Printers

Following is the list of CITIZEN disinfectant-ready printer models to which these Cleaning & Care Instructions can be applied:

Point of Sale:

  • CT-E301
  • CT-E601
  • CT-E351
  • CT-E651
  • CT-S751
  • CT-S310II
  • CT-S601II
  • CT-S601IIR
  • CT-S651II
  • CT-S801II
  • CT-S851II
  • CT-S4500

Barcode and Label:

  • CL-E300
  • CL-E303
  • CL-E321
  • CL-E331

The CITIZEN line of disinfectant-ready printers has been designed to allow for use of various readily available cleaning agents. Observing and implementing the below Cleaning & Care Instructions can play an important role in achieving best practices and results.


The following agents* are compatible with and can be used for cleaning CITIZEN disinfectant-ready printers:


  • Ethanol 70%
  • IPA (Isopropyl alcohol) 70%         
  • Oxydol 3%   
  • Sodium Hypochlorite Solution 0.05%

*No other cleaning agents, including the above agents used in concentrations other than those shown, have been tested by CITIZEN or approved by it for use in cleaning CITIZEN disinfectant-ready (or other CITIZEN) printers. Use of other agents or in different concentrations may impair printer performance and/or result in ineffective cleaning and disinfection and pose potential health and safety risks. 

CITIZEN Disinfectant-Ready Printer Cleaning & Care Instructions

Important WARNINGS and Notes

  • Unplug or turn off the printer prior to cleaning.
  • Never spray or pour the cleaning agent directly onto the printer.  The cleaning agent should be applied to a soft cloth, which can then be applied to the printer. 
  • The cleaning agent should be applied evenly and care should be taken to cover the entire surface to be cleaned.
  • Strictly follow the cleaning agent manufacturer’s instructions (and CDC Guidelines*) for use of its product, including allowing sufficient time after application for the cleaning agent to achieve maximum cleaning and disinfection. Once achieved, cleaning agent residue can be removed by wiping with a damp cloth, ensuring no droplets remain on the printer.
  • Do not mix cleaning agents.
  • Cleaning agents, especially ethanol, which is extremely flammable, should never be used in proximity to high heat or open flame.
  • Wear appropriate protective gear during the entire cleaning process to avoid potential adverse effects from contact with the cleaning agent or from its fumes.  CITIZEN strongly recommends use of gloves, protective eyewear and masks that cover both the nose and the mouth.
  • Ensure that others in the immediate vicinity of the cleaning are also properly protected or are moved a safe distance away from the printer for the entirety of the cleaning process.

Note: Prolonged use of cleaning agents may cause whitening, discoloration and/or a change in texture or appearance of the outer case. This is normal.


The purpose of the Cleaning & Care Instructions is to aid in customer and user efforts to establish and maintain clean and healthy working environments, especially those into which the CITIZEN printer has been placed. However, the effectiveness of these Instructions in accomplishing these objectives relies on a variety of factors outside CITIZEN’s control, including at least the age, quality and purity of the cleaning agent used, the concentration in which it is applied, the skill of the personnel performing the cleaning, the frequency of cleaning, the environment in which the printer is used and the extent to which the cleaning agent manufacturer’s and these instructions are followed, among many others. Accordingly, CITIZEN (including its parent and affiliated companies) cannot and does not represent, warrant or in any way guarantee that adherence to these instructions will result in complete printer disinfection or complete elimination of all bacteria, viruses (including Covid-19) or other contaminants, nor does it in any way accept any responsibility or liability in connection with same or otherwise, all of which it hereby expressly disclaims. These Cleaning & Care Instructions apply only to CITIZEN whole printers designated in writing by CITIZEN as “Disinfectant-Ready” and do not apply to any CITIZEN printers not so designated, nor to any print mechanisms, subassemblies, parts or supplies, for which application of the above-listed disinfectant agents is not recommended or approved by CITIZEN.

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