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Choose Your Weapon: Photo Printing Formats & Their Ideal Applications

There’s no question. Photography remains an integral part of our lives, with more people capturing precious memories and preserving them for generations to come than at any point in history. With 1.3 billion images being shared on Instagram every day, there are now roughly 750 billion images across the internet. This equates to just 6% of the total photographs captured as most are never shared. However, the most precious moments are printed to preserve as physical mementoes that last a lifetime and with the increasing popularity of photography, the demand for high-quality prints has also surged.

As photographers and businesses look for reliable and efficient printing solutions, dye sublimation photo printers have emerged as the top choice. These printers have evolved to provide incredible efficiency, reliability, stunning image quality, vibrant colours, and long-lasting prints, making them ideal for a wide range of both professional and consumer applications.


In this comprehensive study, we delve into the most popular applications of professional dye sublimation photo printers and the print formats that they provide, whilst exploring the most suitable Citizen photo printers for each application. We will take a closer look at Citizen's range of photographic printers, including the CZ-01, CY-02, CX-02, CX-02W, and CX-02S, and understand how they cater to different photo printing needs.

When selecting the most suitable photo printer for any application, it's essential to consider a few key factors:

  • Print Size Requirements: Assess the typical print sizes needed for the application. For applications like photobooths and retail outlets, a printer capable of producing standard 6x4” and cropped, print ‘strips’, such as the Citizen CX-02, is a great option. There are various printers that will serve well for ID photos, but the Citizen CZ-01 has a compact body with an unintrusive footprint. 
  • Print Speed and Capacity: Consider the expected printing volume and the need for fast turnaround times. In high-traffic environments like theme parks or busy photo kiosks, printers with snappy printing speeds and a range of print formats available, such as the high-capacity Citizen CY-02, are ideal to help to avoid long waiting times whilst offering versatility.
  • Colour Accuracy and Image Quality: For applications where image precision and colour fidelity are crucial, such as studio photography or ID photos, opt for printers like the Citizen CX-02, which is known for its exceptional colour reproduction and sharpness. 
  • Versatility: Some applications, like craft projects or event printing, can benefit from the use of specific media types. Choose the Citizen CX-02S printer, which offers specialist media for adhesive-backed, ‘sticky’ prints, to cater to such niche and novel demands.
  • Reliability and Durability: In commercial environments, including photobooths and retail stores, printers are likely to experience heavy usage. Selecting printers known for their durability, like the Citizen CX-02 series, ensures consistent performance and longevity.


Theme Parks

Theme parks are magical places where visitors seek to capture moments of joy and excitement. From thrilling rides to captivating performances, every experience is there to cherish and preserve. To cater to this demand, theme parks often rely on photo booths and souvenir shops that offer on-the-spot printing of memories. For such high-traffic environments, fast and reliable photo printers are essential.

Recommended Printer: Citizen CY-02 & CX-02



The Citizen CY-02 stands out as an ideal printer for theme park applications. With its high-capacity design and impressive print speeds, it can efficiently handle the rush of visitors during peak times. It’s also an ideal option for unmanned applications where infrequent media loading is key or frequent shift rotation is expected. Both the CY-02 and the Citizen CX-02 also produce 6x8” prints and while the CY-02 offers high capacity, the CX-02 offers high speed, producing lab-quality photo prints in just 8 seconds. The 6x8” format offers great value to theme park customers as a premium format and is by far the most popular size of print with theme park operators.






Photobooths are a certified hit at all kinds of events and parties, allowing guests to have fun and create personalised mementoes. Whether it's a wedding, corporate event, or a social gathering, photobooths are guaranteed to bring smiles to people's faces. To keep the excitement alive, a printer that can produce instant, high-quality prints is essential.

Recommended Printer: Citizen CY-02 & CZ-01



The Citizen CY-02 is the perfect companion for busy photobooths. Its versatility and ease of use make it an ideal choice for events of all kinds. The CY-02 can produce up to 700 ‘standard’ 6x4" photo prints from a single roll of media, which makes it an ideal choice for unmanned applications, and with its ability to produce classic 2x6” ‘strip’ prints, the value and high print yield is unquestionable.    If the CY-02 is larger than you’d like for your photobooth solution, the Citizen CZ-01 offers a much smaller footprint and a range of popular print formats including 4.5x8” (16:9 ratio). With unbeatable portability and an ultra-compact size and weight, the CZ-01 is the photo printer for you.





Panoramic Printing

Panoramic photographs are simply breathtaking and offer a wider perspective of the captured scene. From vast landscapes to architectural marvels, panoramic prints add an artistic touch to any setting. For those who specialise in panoramic imagery, a printer capable of handling larger print formats is essential.

Recommended Printer: Citizen CX-02W & CX-02 



The Citizen CX-02W is tailor-made for panoramic printing. With its wide-format capabilities, it can produce stunning prints up to 8x12", allowing photographers to showcase their panoramic masterpieces in all their glory. The CX-02W's exceptional colour accuracy and sharpness ensure that every detail of the panoramic image is beautifully rendered on the print.

The Citizen CX-02 also produces stunning panoramic prints with the same outstanding quality and colour accuracy as the CX-02W, only with a slightly more shallow format. 





Sticky Media

Sticky media printing has gained popularity in recent years, especially in the world of crafts and scrapbooking. These adhesive-backed prints can be used as stickers, labels, or decorative elements for various projects. For craft enthusiasts and businesses catering to this niche, a photo printer capable of handling sticky media is a valuable asset.

Recommended Printer: Citizen CX-02S



The Citizen CX-02S is the go-to printer for sticky media printing. With its specialised sticky media, this printer can effortlessly produce adhesive-backed prints, opening up a world of creative possibilities for crafters, hobbyists, and businesses alike. The CX-02 S comes with a full factory 2-year warranty, so users can produce perfect photo prints with ultimate peace of mind.




Wedding and Event Photography

Weddings and special events are cherished occasions that call for top-tier photography and printing solutions. As photographers strive to capture the beauty and emotions of these moments, a reliable photo printer that can do justice to their work is indispensable.

Recommended Printer: Citizen CX-02W



The Citizen CX-02W could be the perfect choice for wedding and event photography. Its ability to produce larger-sized prints from 8” media, such as 8x10" or even 8x12", ensure photographers can present their work in a high-quality, elegant and impactful finish. The CX-02W's colour accuracy and detail rendition bring out the best in wedding portraits and event photographs, making it a leading candidate for professional photographers operating in a range of disciplines. 





Studio Photography

Studio photography demands impeccable precision and attention to detail. Photographers strive to capture the perfect shot, and having reliable printing solutions and a variety of print formats at hand is essential for their creative process. In the studio environment, where photographers may use dye-sub printing as a lighting reference, having a printer that can deliver accurate and consistent results is a critical component of their workflow.

Recommended Printer: Citizen CX-02W 



Photography studios tend to print with larger format printers. Therefore, the Citizen CX-02W stands as the ideal printer for photography studios everywhere. Its exceptional colour accuracy and ability to reproduce fine details make it perfect for creating lighting reference prints. Whether it's capturing portraits, product photography, or experimenting with lighting setups, the CX-02's reliable performance and large print capacity ensure that photographers can trust the printed reference to match the captured image with precision.





ID Photos

Identification documents such as passports, driver's licenses, and employee badges require professional ID photos that meet stringent standards and in often quite standard print formats. Businesses that offer ID photo services need printers that can produce high-quality, standardised prints efficiently and reliably.

Recommended Printer: Citizen CZ-01





The Citizen CZ-01 is the obvious choice for ID photo printing. Its compact design and quick printing speed make it ideal for high-volume environments, such as government offices or corporate HR departments. The CZ-01's ability to produce small-sized prints with Citizen’s renowned exceptional colour accuracy ensures that ID photos are captured and printed to meet official requirements, leaving no room for discrepancies.





Photo Retail

Photo labs serve as an essential bridge between the digital world of photography and the tangible world of physical prints. They cater to the needs of professional photographers who require precise colour reproduction, sharpness, and consistency in their prints. Additionally, photo labs often offer specialized services such as fine art printing, canvas prints, and custom framing.

Best-suited Printers: Citizen CX-02 and CX-02W





The Citizen CX-02 and Citizen CX-02W are the ideal printers for photo labs due to their exceptional print quality and versatility. These printers can handle a wide range of print sizes, from standard 6x4" prints to large-format prints up to 8x12". Their ability to produce sharp and vibrant prints ensures that photographers and customers receive stunning results every time.





Home Printing

Photo printing at home allows individuals to transform their digital photos into tangible prints that can be displayed, gifted, or preserved in photo albums with the convenience of not needing to leave the house. Whether it's capturing family gatherings, holidays, or special occasions, having a reliable, high-quality photo printer at home enhances the overall photography experience.

Recommended Printer: Citizen CZ-01






The Citizen CZ-01 is an excellent choice for home printing. Its compact size, ease of use, and stunning print quality make it an ideal companion for households. Whether you're printing standard 6x4" photos, creative collages, or personalised gifts, the CZ-01 delivers outstanding results with vibrant colours and sharp details.

With its simple setup and user-friendly interface, the CZ-01 allows individuals of all ages and skill levels to enjoy the joy of printing their cherished memories at home. Moreover, the CZ-01's affordability and cost-effectiveness ensure that families can print their photos conveniently without breaking the bank.





Seasonal Trends and Summer Holidays

Seasonal trends play a significant role in shaping the printing demands of various applications. During these times of the year, there is generally a surge in demand for smaller print formats, such as 6x4", as people look to print their holidays, memories and souvenirs. These prints act as tokens of joy and happiness, and businesses must be prepared to meet the increased printing requirements during these busy periods and reliability is key!

Recommended Printer: Citizen CY-02




For seasonal printing, the Citizen CY-02 presents itself as a great choice of printer. Its capability to produce a range of print formats with exceptional speed and quality ensures that businesses can cater to the influx of printing demands during these periods. Whether it's a photobooth at a beach resort in the summer months or a souvenir shop near a popular tourist destination at Christmas, the CY-02 will handle the workload with ease.





As the authority in this area, Citizen's printers stand out for their exceptional image quality, speed, and versatility. Whether you are a professional photographer, event organiser, or photo business owner, choosing the right Citizen photo printer will elevate your printing capabilities and ensure that every memory is immortalised in the most captivating way.

Remember, when it comes to printing memories, choose your weapon wisely – choose Citizen.

To explore Citizen's range of photographic printers and media, visit Citizen Photo’s dedicated web pages and embark on a journey of unparalleled printing excellence.