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Maximising Revenues in Wedding & Portrait Photography with Quality Prints this Summer

In the realm of professional photography, particularly in the wedding and portrait sector, the summer season signifies a peak period of business opportunities. As couples tie the knot amidst the warm sunshine and families gather for reunions, the demand for capturing cherished moments surges to an annual high. In this bustling landscape, photographers, photography companies, photo booth operators, and photographic studios are presented with a golden opportunity to not only capture stunning images but also to maximise their revenues through strategic approaches in photo printing.

Quality prints stand as the cornerstone of professional photography. Beyond capturing moments, it's all about immortalising emotions and memories in the physical, tangible form. It’s the artefact that endures, whether it's a wedding album that tells the story of a couple's love story or a portrait that encapsulates a family's bond, the significance of delivering high-quality prints cannot be overstated.

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In a digital world where images flood our screens in unprecedented volume, printed photographs offer a tactile experience, evoking nostalgia and authenticity that cannot be replicated by mobile devices.

To ensure that every client receives exceptional prints, photographers, booth operators and photo studios simply must invest in the best tools and techniques available. It’s an imperative matter that keeps professionals at the forefront of their sector and ensures repeat business and recommendations year on year.

When it comes to printing, dye-sublimation (or dye-sub) printing emerges as a real game-changer in the photo market. Renowned for its unparalleled quality and durability, dye-sub printers produce vibrant, true-to-life prints that stand the test of time. Citizen Systems Europe stands at the forefront of this technology, offering a range of cutting-edge printers, media, and accessory products designed to elevate the printing experience and an unparalleled level of print quality and reliability that gives confidence to its global legion of happy users.

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So, how can photographers and photography businesses leverage this summer season to maximise their revenues in photo printing? Let's delve into some key points and, we hope, some food for thought:

Preparation is Key: As the summer months approach, anticipate the surge in demand for photography services. Prepare your equipment, stock up on printing supplies, and streamline your workflow to handle the influx of orders efficiently.

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Every year, a great deal of products enter the market, which improve productivity, speed and customer experiences. Take a look at Citizen’s range of market-leading dye sub photo printers, which will ensure many years of unfaltering service and with a printer for all occasions.

Package Deals: Do your homework to create attractive package deals that bundle photography services with high-quality prints. For weddings, consider packages that range from basic coverage to comprehensive services, including services that include photography from the engagement, to dedicated bridal portraits, along with full-day coverage of the ceremony and reception. Offer flexibility in terms of print options, allowing clients to choose from albums, prints, canvas wraps, and digital files based on their needs and budget. Citizen’s flagship CX-02 photo printer offers stunning panoramic prints that can be perfect for displaying large groups.

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Capitalise on summer travel by offering destination photography packages. This could be a beach wedding, a rustic countryside engagement shoot, or a scenic family portrait session. Whichever, aim to leverage popular summer destinations to attract clients seeking unique and picturesque settings for their photoshoots. With some research and effort, your business could even organise bundles to include travel, accommodation, styling, props and photography services into all-inclusive packages to simplify the planning process for clients. Most operators will offer a margin to third-party organisers, so boost your profits with a broader offering and enhance the summer vibe by creating memorable experiences for your clients.

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Upsell Print Products: This may seem obvious, but aim to capitalise on upselling opportunities by showcasing the versatility of print products and print formats. If you can offer a diverse range of options that cater to varying preferences and budgets, your customers will find it difficult to say no! Citizen’s high-quality printing and print formats, paired with carefully sourced accessories, can make the difference between an additional sale and the end of a conversation.

Personalisation Matters: Elevate the customer experience by offering personalised printing options. Allow clients to choose from different paper types, finishes, and sizes, ensuring that their prints reflect their unique style and vision. Citizen Photo’s broad range of media gives the option to choose glossy or matt, along with premium media including silver pearl and metallic, which will differentiate your service and boost revenue.


Educate Clients on the Value of Print: Remind your clients of the enduring value of printed photographs. Highlight the longevity and emotional resonance of printed images compared to fleeting digital files, emphasising the importance of investing in quality prints. Most people will have experience of losing precious memories to the ‘digital black hole’ when upgrading mobile devices or similar. Digital displays are temporary - prints can last for a lifetime. Especially if they are produced by Citizen photo printers!


Invest in Quality Printing Solutions: Avoid printing issues and minimise your downtime by partnering with trusted suppliers and the best printing solutions. Citizens’ high-quality, state-of-the-art dye-sublimation printing technology is recognised as among the most reliable in the industry. By investing in top-notch printers, media, and accessories, you guarantee superior print quality that exceeds client expectations with a robust operation that will keep you printing from booking to booking.


Ensure Stellar Customer Service: In a competitive market, exceptional customer service will set you and your business apart from your competition. Ensure prompt communication, hassle-free ordering processes, and swift delivery of printed products. This will leave a positive and lasting impression on your clients, which will, in turn, generate valuable referrals and recommendations.

By implementing these strategies and harnessing the quality and power of dye-sublimation printing technology, photographers, photography studios, and photo booth operators can unlock new and valuable revenue streams to elevate business to new heights.

As summer unfolds and precious moments are captured, let quality prints be the timeless keepsakes that preserve the beauty of life's passing moments.

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