We design our photo printers with one key consideration in mind: to meet the exact needs of our customers.

Top Quality

Superior print quality makes our photo printers ideal for use in applications ranging from social, wedding and event photography, to theme parks, law enforcement and government.

High Speed

Thanks to almost 100 years of experience in watch making, we understand the value of time. You have no time to waste and your customers don’t want to wait, which is why our photo printers deliver the perfect results in just seconds.

Outstanding Value

Citizen photo printing technology brings you a unique combination of quality and speed, in a compact professional system that’s easy to use, robust and totally reliable. All this is yours at prices that ensure you receive outstanding value for money.

The pillars of our global brand:


Citizen printing solutions are among the most innovative in the world. We’re continuously developing our products in order to provide you with exceptional quality, with a great choice of models and options.


Precision is built into our DNA. Whether its watches, medical equipment, calculators or photo printers, our customers can rely on ultimate product precision and performance.


Good solutions are economic solutions. Our photo printers are designed to deliver high performance in an efficient manner. This keeps quality high and running costs low, much to the delight of our customers.


The last thing you want is to be adjusting equipment when you should be focusing on customers. We’ve designed our printers to be easy to use from start to finish, which means your attention remains where it needs to be: on your customers.


Our photo printing solutions are renowned for their unmatched level of reliability, keeping your business running smoothly and profitably.


There’s more than the initial purchase price to consider when purchasing a photo printer. That’s why every Citizen photo printer is precision engineered for a long, hassle-free operating life, making it the only cost-effective, long term solution for your business.


Our customer service team is here to help you with every aspect of buying and using your Citizen photo printers. Our goal is to keep your business running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


We’ve been providing high quality and reliable solutions for almost 100 years. In that time we’ve gathered unrivalled experience and knowledge of printers, ensuring we meet the expectations of our customers day in, day out.