Offical Documents

CE approval, warranty statements and more.

Description Download Languages
Declaration of Conformity DoC_CL-E300_E303.pdf English
Declaration of Conformity DoC_CL-E300EX_E303EX_E321EX_E331EX.pdf English
Warranty Document EN Warranty_Statement_All_Printers.pdf English
Warranty Document DE Warranty_Statement_All_Printers_DE.pdf German
Warranty Document FR Warranty_Statement_All_Printers_FR.pdf French
Warranty (USA Only) CSA-Wrrnty_All_Prods_3292021.pdf English (US)
Warranty Document RU Warranty_Statement_All_Printers_RU.pdf Russian
DOA Process DOA_Process_ENG.pdf English
Dead On Arrival (DOA) Policy & System DOA_2018_CSA.pdf English (US)