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CMP ZPL CMD REF CMP40_20II_30II_ZPL2_ComMan.pdf English
CMP20II ESC/POS CMD REF CMP-20_ESC_ComMan.pdf English
CMP-20II User Manual - RU CMP-20_IIUM_RU.pdf Russian
CMP-20II User Manual - EN CMP-20IIUM_EN.pdf English
Datasheet datasheet-cmp-20ii-en_us.pdf English (US)
Datasheet datasheet-cmp-20ii-de.pdf German
Datasheet datasheet-cmp-20ii-pl.pdf Polish
Datasheet datasheet-cmp-20ii-es.pdf Spanish
Datasheet datasheet-cmp-20ii-en.pdf English
Datasheet datasheet-cmp-20ii-ru.pdf Russian
Datasheet datasheet-cmp-20ii-it.pdf Italian
Datasheet datasheet-cmp-20ii-fr.pdf French