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Print Manager v2.1 has arrived!

Support for the CZ-01 printer has been added!

Print Manager v2.1 for Citizen is a FREE, Windows only, exclusive desktop manager for anyone who operates a Citizen photo printer. First and foremost, it is a real-time status monitor but it also has a brilliant multi-functional hot folder capability. What’s more Print Manager will automatically update, so users always get access to the latest features. Download Print Manager for Citizen today and experience it for yourself, for FREE!

  • Quickly see how many prints remain and which format of media is installed.
  • Printer and media errors are displayed instantly with an easy to understand explanation.
  • Hot folders can be configured for different printer setups (e.g. print finish, print mode, print format etc.)
  • Print multiple images per print complete with borders/frames, ideal for keyrings and magnets (via hot folders).