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The Importance Of Disinfectant Ready Printers

It was always important to keep printing stations clean however in 2022 it has become even more significant. In the light of the on-going global pandemic, last year we released a range of disinfectant ready printers which were specifically manufactured to withstand the harsh chemicals present in cleaning products without compromising on print performance. However, this feature doesn’t just benefit the printing solutions themselves but also the people and businesses working with them too.

Keeping staff and customers safe.

The main goal of our disinfectant ready range was to give our customers peace of mind that our printers can be cleaned to a standard that will keep everyone who encounters the printer safe. Our disinfectant ready printers can be cleaned safely with a variety of everyday cleaning solutions containing typical concentrations of ethanol (70%), isopropyl alcohol (70%), oxydol (3%) and sodium hypochlorite solution (0.05%).

Fulfilling hygiene concepts and regulations.

Since the global pandemic many governing bodies and regulation authorities have changed their policies when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene. Our disinfectant ready range helps businesses fulfil these new requirements and be compliant. By having the ability to safely sanitise and clean our printers, businesses can be assured that staff and members of the public can be kept safe and the quality of the printer itself is not compromised by doing so.

Reliability and robustness still at their core.

Our disinfectant ready collection includes some of our most renowned models across our POS and label range. This means that no matter what your business needs to print there will be a disinfectant ready solution for you. Furthermore, you can guarantee that the same reliable and robust Citizen technology is at the core of all these units. Designed to boost efficiencies, cut down on maintenance costs and deliver a positive return on investment, the same trusted quality is present in all our models despite which range they belong to.

To find out more about our disinfectant ready range head over to our cleaning and care page.