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Supporting Replacements for your EOL Datamax™ Printer

Future-Proof your Label Printing with Citizen Systems:

Our label printing solutions have been helping businesses all over the world for decades. Their reliability and durability combined with our world-class support service make our label printers an easy favourite within warehousing, logistics, pharmaceutical, hospitality and retail environments.

Recently, Honeywell has formally announced the end-of-life (EOL) of their Datamax™ printer line and will not be accepting any orders after December 2021. To assist Datamax™ users with this transition we will be offering full support to anyone wishing to explore alternative label printing solutions.

We understand that finding a new label printing solution is never straight-forward. There are many things to consider such as compatibility with existing systems, specification requirements, budgets and more. That’s why we’ve made it even easier for Datamax™ users to compare their current model with our models on our product comparison tool. Simply select Datamax™ from the brand menu, type in your current model, click search and see the available Citizen alternatives.

Our label printer range has five versatile classes – desktop, industrial desktop, industrial, ticketing and wide format. This ensures that no matter what the application we have a label printing solution that fulfils your printing requirements. With added optional warranties as well as online support for current and discontinued models you can be assured that you will receive the same great Citizen Systems service regardless of what model you choose.

Majority of our printing solutions are compatible with DPL too (Datamax™ Programming Language), making your switch from Datamax™ to Citizen even simpler. Also, if you require your new printer to integrate with software through other means, we have software development kits (SDKs) available on our website as well as expert integration support if you should need it.

To see which Citizen printer would be a suitable replacement for your current Datamax™ model please take a look at our product comparison tool.