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Introducing the first ever POS printers that help fight germs and bacteria

Protect your printing station, staff and customers with Citizen Systems’ new CT-E301 and CTE601 POS printers equipped with innovative self-protective housing technology. The unique printers have an anti-microbial case which suppresses bacterial growth and protects the printers against bacteria build-up. Perfect for ensuring that the high standards of cleanliness and hygiene are kept up in hospitality, retail and healthcare environments.

Citizen Systems’ rich heritage in printing innovation and manufacturing excellence helped them identify a gap in the market for a POS printing solution that helps businesses combat the global pandemic. The CT-E301 and CT-E601 were not only designed to withstand the harsh chemicals of disinfection products but to stop bacteria in it’s tracks too. The technology within the casing and both the printers themselves have an SIAA mark fulfilling ISO 22196 which further reinforces that both models are engineered to deliver effective results against bacteria growth and are designed to the highest industry standards. This makes both printers a great tool to add to your arsenal when fighting the pandemic and ensuring that printing stations are kept clean and safe in your shop, restaurant, kitchen, café or hospital.