Citizen is dedicated to meeting the high expectations of its customers through innovation, and this now includes seeking out alliances with other companies in the industry and sharing our expertise to provide the best possible solutions.

OEM Partners


NOVITUS is the leader of the Polish market in the scope of technological solutions for commerce, services and logistics. Our brand is a synonym of the most modern IT and electronics technologies used in fiscal equipment, automatic identification devices and electronic scales. NOVITUS has one of the richest and most comprehensive offerings within this scope, and the company’s primary principle is to remain flexible and seek the best solutions for the real-life needs of our customers.
As an effect of our investment into the R&D department and the efforts of our engineers, the products of the NOVITUS brand successfully compete with similar equipment from Japanese and Western European manufacturers. For many years, NOVITUS has been one of the Polish industry leaders and has recorded successes in foreign markets on almost all continents. 

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