Since 1964, Citizen Systems has been the brand of choice for calculators worldwide, providing a wide range of reliable, highly sophisticated and innovative products, designed to meet your demands



The CITIZEN Eco Complete series is the new generation of impressively environment-friendly calculators. 

Because green counts. For this we create the the Citizen Eco Complete series with these 5 features :


1 = Blue Angel eco-certificate

2 = solar powered – no batteries, no need to change batteries

3 = casing made of 70 % recycled plastic

4 = packaging and instructions made of recycled material

5 = packaging completely compostable



About Citizen


With more than a century of producing ground-breaking technologies and electronic solutions, Citizen’s business is based around that of innovation and the company’s work ethos of ‘loved by citizens, working for citizens.’ This is a philosophy that is engrained throughout its 21,000 strong workforce. Combined with Citizen’s exceptional engineering expertise, this makes Citizen’s products responsive to the market with each and every product designed and manufactured with ultimate functionality, style and usability in mind.

Цвет черный
Pазмеры 102 mm x 30 mm x 143 mm
Вес 102 g
  • 1-строчный дисплей
  • 8-ми разрядный дисплей
  • Солнечная батарея
  • Фиксированный дисплей
  • Квадратный корень
  • Функция автоматического отключения


Квадратный корень Математические функции
Функция смены знака (+/-)
Операции с процентами
4 ячейки памяти Четыре кнопки памяти

Дисплей и Тип питания

Дисплей ЖК
Стиль дисплея Фиксированный дисплей
Строки 1
Разрядность 8
Источник питания Солнечная ьатарея

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