Color black
Dimensions 80 mm x 14 mm x 154 mm
Weight 92 g

Display & Power

Display LCD
Display Style Flat
Lines 2
Digits 12+2
Power supply Battery
Battery type GP76A
Auto Turn Off Switches off the calculator automatically after a certain period of time
Case Type Hardcase

Scientific Features

Scientific Functions
Amount of Scientific Functions 526
Scientific Notation
Base conversions and arithmetic
Unit conversions

Mathematics operations

1/x, sqrt(x), x², %
Fixed decimal option
Entry system algebraic


Equation recall
Memories 9
Memory retention


Random numbers
Combinations, permutations
Linear regression
Mean, Standard deviation
2-variable statistics
1-variable statistics

Trigonometry application

Hyperbolic functions
Polar/rectangular and angle conversions
Decimal hrs/hrs.min.sec. conversions
Sin/Cos/Tan and inverse

Support and Downloads

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