Color black
Dimensions 143 mm x 40 mm x 192 mm
Weight 196 g
  • 16-Digit Display
  • Battery & Solar
  • Fixed Angled Display
  • Tax-Function
  • Square Root Function
  • Auto sleep mode


Grand total Sum all previous calculations in to a grand total
Mark Up Pricing Used to calculate markups, margins and percentage differences
Square root Mathematical Function
Change (+/-)
Double Zero
Triple Zero
Tax Calculation Calculation of values with a programmable tax rate
Rounding selector 1 Choose how to round up or round down calculations (up, 5/4, cut)
3-Keys Memory Function Three Memory Keys (MRC, M+, M-)
Decimal selector (A,0,2,3,F)

Display & Power

Display LCD
Display Style Fixed Angled
Lines 1
Digits 16
Power supply Battery & Solar
Battery type GP76A

Support and Downloads

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