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Citizen Contributes to a Prestige Experience

Prestige Events is a family run business and official Citizen Photo Partner with a broad history of working in the photography industry. Well known for delivering reliable, profitable and efficient solutions, Prestige Events’ main objective is to create unforgettable experiences for theme parks and other visitor attractions while developing innovative software solutions that set them apart from their competition.


Based in Mansfield in the UK, Prestige Events is not your average photography events company. In their strive to broaden their offering and customer experiences beyond the traditional realm of photo-finishing events solutions; Prestige Events utilise Citizen photo printers across the board by developing a bespoke and industry-leading software solution for producing lenticular prints that is reliable, flexible, easy to use, and can integrate into any platform.

The innovation behind these developments within Prestige Events has been the driving force behind the company’s growing fulfilment division and, by owner Karl Woodcock’s own admission, one of the factors that have helped them to thrive during the global health pandemic. Now with a proven and reliable workflow and an enviable and growing list of fulfilment clients, Prestige Events is striving for exponential global growth in the coming months and years.

Karl Woodcock, Managing Director, Prestige Events, Said: “Our capabilities in producing lenticular products for the greetings card market has put us into the position where we now have significant opportunities, both in online personalisation and off-the-shelf fulfilment markets. Market changes have caused substantial surges in prices for overseas supply, and coupled with our bespoke software and increased capacity, we have identified a huge gap in the market. A gap we are filling and one that will continue the evolution of Prestige Events.”

At this point, it’s probably a good idea to reiterate what lenticular printing is. Lenticular displays are created to produce an illusion of depth or to have the ability to change or move as the image is viewed from different angles. It’s a form of printing that most people will be familiar with but has struggled to enter the personalisation market due to its traditional and slow far-eastern production model. Prestige Events’ solutions have changed this and have enjoyed substantial growth, providing standard products to some of the biggest supermarket chains in the UK, along with fulfilling personalised products for one of the largest online greetings card resellers in Europe.


Karl continued: “This card reseller is one that most people will know, and they have jumped at the opportunity to offer our products as the evolution in the greetings card market. They instantly recognised the superior quality of our solution, our software that takes care of the interlacing of two images and, as a result, our mutual growth in personalised lenticular prints has been outstanding to date.”

Of course, with increased workload and the expectation to fulfil daily orders to the highest quality, day in, day out, Prestige Events work with printers from the Citizen range. Karl explained why: “We have used many different brands of printer over the years and have been let down by some very well-known brands; brands that you would not expect to be let down by, we have experienced horrendous reliability and setup issues. Citizen photo printers give us the best speed, the best quality, the best colour and tick all of our boxes. With Citizen, it couldn’t be simpler to get started; it’s simply a case of plugging in, downloading the driver and that’s it! From there, you’re treated to quite simply the best quality prints and colours you can imagine. Even the media is fool proof with colour coded media rods to make the job simple. They just work flawlessly, and we don’t have to worry about downtime or quality issues.

With plans to directly enter the greetings card market with their own online platform, Prestige Events is a company that is clearly developing into a multi-faceted powerhouse in the imaging industry. With the continued diversification of the company’s offering, it seems inevitable that there will be more to learn in the coming months. It is unusual to see established technologies being reinvigorated for modern markets, but it seems that, with the help of Citizen’s photo printer range, the future looks very bright for Team Prestige!


Karl said: “Our company ethos is based around innovation. We are constantly enhancing our retail, merchandise, technology, and capture experience to ensure it’s the best in class. We constantly work with our clients to define the maximum efficiencies to discover where we can make improvements and understand what levers to pull to ensure our mutual success.

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