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Why Taking A Printed Receipt Is Now More Important Than Ever

No matter where you go shopping, receipts are often part of the transaction, whether you opt for a digital receipt or a printed one. Although we have a vast amount of modern technologies that make checking out faster and more convenient – our reliance on technology can cause mistakes and errors to go unnoticed, resulting in customers missing out. On the other hand, a physically printed receipt allows you to see your transaction there and then so that you can check and rectify errors whilst you’re still in the store.  

1.       Printed Receipts Help Limit And Correct Errors

Errors can frequently happen when checking out – whether caused by human or machine. In fact, errors at the checkout happen so frequently that it can cost consumers all over the world up to $2.5 billion every year*. However, you can catch these errors before they do any lasting damage by taking and checking your printed receipt. Ensure you check through the items, prices and quantities before leaving the store so that if you spot any errors you can notify a member of staff to help you fix it.

2.       Printed Receipts Help You Receive VAT Reductions

Taking a printed receipt is vital if you are claiming businesses expenses or are a business that is entitled to claim VAT back for certain purchases. Every accountant will tell you that in order to do any of this, you need a printed receipt which can be filed against business expenses. Without the printed receipts you can neither claim something as an expense or claim VAT back.

In addition to this, sometimes VAT paid on certain goods in certain countries can change and you need to make sure you’re paying the correct amount. For example, currently around the world some countries are reducing their VAT on certain goods due to the global health pandemic. However, when you check out at your next shopping trip these new VAT changes may not have been applied to your receipt. Again, all you need to do to rectify this is to check your printed receipt and ask for help from a member of staff before leaving the store.

3.       Printed Receipts Help Keep Warranties Safe

If you’re making a big purchase such as a washing machine, television or computer it is always important to check if your item comes with a warranty. Warranties can give you a certain amount of cover for a certain amount of time if something should happen to your item. However – if you do not have your purchase receipt to prove when you bought your item, your warranty may not cover you. Also, some stores even print the warranty onto your receipt. So it is always worth checking and keeping your receipt if you want to make sure your still covered and don’t miss out on anything.

Bonus – Front Exit POS Printers Prevent More Than One Interaction!

Currently throughout the world, we want to limit our physical contact with one another as much as possible. Therefore you may think that taking a physical receipt may impede on this. However, if you ensure you have a front exit POS printer, like our CT-S751, you can limit contact entirely. All you have to do is place the printer in a way that is easily reachable for the customer, print the receipt from your POS system, then the customer can simply take the receipt themselves. This simple one-touch system eases the minds of both employees and customers as no physical contact between them is needed.

In short, although you can opt for a digital receipt – a printed receipt is the best option when it comes to rectifying errors, claiming appropriate VAT reductions and keeping warranties to hand. You could still argue that a digital receipt does exactly the same thing – it does. However, it could easily get overlooked in your inbox, accidently get deleted, and can easily be edited, making some stores more suspicious when accepting returns from digital receipts. With a printed receipt you can avoid all of these troubles, and ensure that any errors are corrected there and then in the store.