Citizen desktop calculators offer every feature you need at your desk. From tilt displays or large plastic keys right through to a wide range of commercial functions.

Count on quality.

A normal working day is often made of effort and hard. And for every day tasks you need the perfect tool to perform on your target. With the Citizen Citizen SDC-554S   , there is no compromise, just the performance and the reliability of the Citizen products

Citizen SDC-554S   : Applications & key features

The Citizen SDC-554S   is the perfect partner for a wide range of demanding user applications :

-1-Line Display

-14-Digit Display

-Dual power: Battery & Solar

-Fixed Angled Display

-Tax calculation

-Decimal selector (A,0,2,3,4,F) 

-Rounding selector (up,5/4,cut)

-Square Root Function

-Double memory

-Auto-sleep mode

-4-Keys Memory Function: MC,MRC, M+, M-



The Citizen SDC444S  is a product from Citizen's extremely wide and diversified range of calculators, which includes everything from compact pocket devices to highly sophisticated calculator models.


About Citizen


With more than a century of producing ground-breaking technologies and electronic solutions, Citizen’s business is based around that of innovation and the company’s work ethos of ‘loved by citizens, working for citizens.’ This is a philosophy that is engrained throughout its 21,000 strong workforce. Combined with Citizen’s exceptional engineering expertise, this makes Citizen’s products responsive to the market with each and every product designed and manufactured with ultimate functionality, style and usability in mind.

Farbe schwarz
Abmessungen 153 mm x 31 mm x 199 mm
Gewicht 209 g
  • 14-stelliges Display
  • Batterie- und Solarbetrieb
  • Fest angewinkeltes Display
  • Steuerberechnung
  • Wurzelberechnung
  • Automatische Abschaltung


Gewinnspannenberechnung Dient zur Berechnung von Aufschlägen, Margen und prozentualen Unterschieden
Wurzelberechnung Mathematische Funktionen
Vorzeichenwechsel (+/-)
Steuerberechnung Berechnung von Werten mit einem programierbaren Steuersatz
Rundungsautomatik 1 Wählen Sie wie Auf- oder Abgerundet werden soll (up, 5/4, cut)
4-Tasten Speicherfunktion 4-Tasten Speicherfunktion (MC, MR, M+, M-)
Fließ- und Festkommaberechnung (A,0,2,3,4,F)

Display & Stromversorgung

Display LCD
Displaytyp Fest angewinkelt
Linien 1
Displaystellen 14
Stromversorgung Batterie- und Solarbetrieb
Batterie Typ GP189
Automatische Abschaltung Schaltet den Rechner nach einer gewissen Zeitspanne automatisch ab

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