The Hardest Easy Sell

The Hardest Easy Sell

The Hardest Easy Sell – Resonating with The Customer is CRITICAL!

By: Mark Beauchamp, Technical Director, Citizen Systems Europe


You know that cozy set of slippers or shoes that you never EVER want to be without? The ones you dread the day a hole pops open on the heel or toe rendering them useless! To me that is my 2008 sports sedan.  My car and I are in total sync. I know when something is not ideal and she needs service, I know how to maneuver all the gadgets and goodies and I even talk to her while driving alone. We are in total harmony.

One day while driving I happened to spot the 2017 model and the unthinkable happened. My eye started to wonder. I started calculating payments and posturing with the boss (that would be the lady of the house).  Surprisingly, she was actually pushing me to change for all the right reasons:


  • The 2008 cannot go on forever and is starting to cost more money to maintain.
  • What if she breaks down while I am not close to home or service? A new model will be free of that worry and hassle!
  • I am really wanting some of the new navigation & pairing technology and the updated bells and whistles.

But I was still thinking ‘my current model is running fine and what happens if the new one isn’t all that I’m expecting’.   Also, the current car is bought-and-paid-for years ago and the new one means payments every month.  Eventually, common sense and some cajoling from she who must be obeyed (The BOSS mentioned above), resulted in the “green light” and off to the dealer we went.

The young sales person engaged us before we walked 10 steps and had all the answers I wanted to hear. And then, the problem happened. This sale would never work for me. It seems the 2017 model cannot be equipped with the beloved steering wheel heater. Yet, that is probably my favorite feature on my 2008 model. On a cold day or night I just love that warm wheel!

The “closer” level sales rep came out and tried to save the sale as they saw that things had fallen apart quickly on the initial rep. Too bad the wheel heater was not available. I just HATE getting in to a freezing cold car without that cozy wheel. And thus ended my dream of the 2017 model and we began the long walk back to my 2008.

Then it happened, the seasoned pro sales rep brought the deal back to life. She quickly alerted me to the fact that this new model can be REMOTELY pre-started and warmed from my device. Safe from intrusion and getting warm waiting for my arrival. See, the wheel is warm…because the WHOLE luxury sedan is now WARM!

Often times people miss the point of what a customer wants. I did not want the features alone. I wanted the features and the reliability that comes with a new automobile. The issue hinged on getting both what I want (Warmth) and what I NEED (Reliability).

The issue exists even in the world of thermal printing. Whether it be mobile, Point-of-sale or barcode printers, as products get older, they may be a comfortable part of the work day, but are they as reliable as they used to be? Do your printers begin to require a bit of attention? Citizen Systems products are designed for long-term use, reliability and often come with the features required in most usage and application spaces.

We would love a chance to be your new favorite piece of valuable equipment. Let Citizen products show you that even a printer can be like an old friend or cozy slipper! Further to my key point here, we will LISTEN to what you want, what you need and will value the things that you value as we design future products. From engineering to sales, we are here to listen and provide “Comfort in Quality!”


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