Is that an Enchilada or a MOBILE PRINTER?

Is that an Enchilada or a MOBILE PRINTER?

Is that an Enchilada or a MOBILE PRINTER?

By: Glenn Williams, VP of Strategy & Alliances, Citizen Systems America


An industrial park is not the usual place for a family caterer to hawk his goods and clear some freshly made inventory. Yet, in this case, the Southern California native had the tailgate to his mid-2000’s pick-up opened and the line of people waiting to receive a delicious tamale or enchilada from his “mobile restaurant” was about 8 deep. Not bad when you consider he makes a likely 8-12 stops per day hoping to sell to ~100 customers. In the year 2015 there were THREE rules, 1) NO custom orders, 2) NO extra salsa, without paying 50 cents and 3) CASH ONLY!

Fast forward to mid-year 2016 and the flexibility of this delightful, yet headstrong Mexican Food caterer has increased substantially. Armed with a tablet of some variety, a SQUARE card swipe device attached to the tablet and the needed POS software running, and suddenly credit cards are welcomed.  The smiling merchant continually asks, “Cash or credit?”, and the fun part for me is the follow-on question, “Do you want a receipt”? Wow, we have come a long way in our little impromptu industrial park Mexican cuisine experience.

The real funny thing happened while I myself was buying my Pork Tamales. I noticed the little printer sitting on the tailgate. It was sort of familiar to me, but somehow, the crusted red splotches gave it a look of, well, Mexican Food! I said with a laugh, “Hey fella, is that an enchilada or a MOBILE Printer”? The merchant grabs the CMP30 mobile printer from Citizen and holds it up, “This is my friend who prints my receipts”. He then looks at the messy protective rubber outer casing and says, “Ah, sometime he lands in my dirty foil trays”. Quickly he adds, “But he still works just great and he smells pretty good too!”

We both had a laugh and I pressed the question on my mind; “since you have gone to accepting credit as well as cash, how has it affected your business”? The man brightened and roared, “So much better. I turn no one away and everyone can pay. I just raise my price only a little to cover some things to allow credit”. “Makes sense to me” I say. He then turns to the little printer again wiping it on his apron. “Glad you like my little Enchilada printer. So, do you need a receipt”?

I say, “Absolutely…and EXTRA Salsa”!


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