The Day I Ceased to Exist!

The Day I Ceased to Exist!

The Day I Ceased to Exist!

By: Glenn Williams, VP of Strategy & Alliances, Citizen Systems America


One day I was happily seated at my desk moving along completing the productive tasks that bring value to my employer. All things were normal in my world and in a flash, out of the clear blue sky, I found myself feeling like I no longer existed. It was an amazing revelation. What HAPPENED, you might ask? It was a very simple issue and one that I dare say MANY of us can face. I had let the value of my workday impact and my overall productivity be nearly WHOLLY dependent on my TECHNOLOGY. That is to say…my COMPUTER!

The story is simple and it goes like this: For anyone who has gotten a blue screen of death (BSoD), you will know how frustrating it is. You can lose a lot of work and possibly even have farther reaching issues, like in my case where my laptop just did not make it back to life. Some sort of a hard drive fault that caused the I.T guy to look at me with those laughing eyes that said, “Told you to run a back-up”. In the end, here I am, sitting at my desk reaching for a mouse that leads to a cold, dark screen of nothingness. My natural tendency to reach for that mouse to “get back to work” was amazing. The sad truth is that without my laptop, I truly was in a cryogenic frozen state. I literally felt like I did not exist. 48 long hours later after borrowing a net book that ran like it had a 386 processor, I was armed with a brand-new laptop and a shiny new 1 terra byte backup drive. No longer in proverbial business purgatory; I was back to it.

Those of you that read some of these short articles will realize that at SOME point I will bring this back to printers or technology that revolves around other areas of productivity. Yes, in this case let us talk briefly about those printers. As with ANY technology or product that you have any form of dependency on, it is a hard-fact that when the product fails you, it makes your job and productivity goals hard to accomplish. Take for example a retail chain I once visited during a voice of the customer (VoC) information gathering mission I was on. The retail clerk would use the desktop printer (The “sticker machine” he called it) to print on demand mark down labels for inventory they wanted to move. The clerk would spend some of his time printing and re-labeling hundreds of products. If the store was slow, it was the perfect time to busy himself with this methodical task. The fact is that if he was not busy, he either got sent home (loss of hours) or was scolded for not being productive by the store supervisor. This is how a dependency to technology is developed. In this case, the desktop thermal printer was the fallback to remain productive in a slow retail store.

In the retail store story, it is a small desktop thermal printer. In some cases, it may be a larger product that does more volume printing or perhaps exists in a more rugged environment. The fact remains the same that if you need the technology product functioning to do your job, when it does not work, you will likely be baffled at how much you depend on it. Enter the need for QUALITY and proven products. As industrial or consumer level users, we will want to depend on products that are worthy of that reliance. Citizen thermal point of sale and barcode printers are those worthy machines. Designed to provide value to many levels of user, the products are engineered, tested and proven to provide strong and lasting performance in the daily use they are intended for. Value for people, productivity and mostly a technological friend that will do its best to make sure the users never feel lost and unable to accomplish their tasks. A story of quality and value that we all, at some point, surely need to exist productively in the workplace!t!


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