Healthy Printer Food for Better Business!

Healthy Printer Food for Better Business!

Exclusive spring promotion for CCC members.

Till the end on July 2014 you will have a unique opportunity to earn extra CCC points on Citizen original ribbon demo packs.


Citizen always strives to increase the quality of the output of our printing solutions, because we want our customers to be happy using our products. To enhance customer satisfaction we suggest using Citizen branded thermal transfer ribbons with our label printers. By doing this you not only increase the lifespan of your label printer but also increase the quality of the printout.


For this reason we developed a Demo ribbon pack containing 3 main types of consumables (Standard, Blend, and Resin ribbon rolls). This will help you to become more familiar with Citizen label printer consumables and use it as a great demonstration tool for your customers:


  • It's easy to ship the demo pack - just stick the label on the front of the box
  • You'll find an overview of the compatibility printer-ribbon on the box
  • And besides, as a talking point it's an effective marketing tool to introduce Citizen consumables to your customers
The demo pack promo will run for the next 3 months (from 06.05.2014 to 31.07.2014). You can purchase your Citizen ribbon demo pack from your CCC distribution partner in accordance with your buying conditions. And at the end of each month you will receive 75 CCC points back for each unit of the Sample pack purchased.
It means you are getting a great marketing tool to promote Citizen label printers and consumables for free, while accumulating more points to your CCC account, which means even more exciting rewards for you!
Ribbon sample pack order code - 3000174.
Please contact your distribution partner or your Citizen Area Manager for more details.
Please note that you can earn points exclusively on Ribbon sample packs, all other consumables are excluded from the promotion.